Faith. Values. Help.
Colegio Sao Jose

São José School

In Porto União (State of Santa Catarina), our Brothers Vicente and Romão live together with children and youth in Colégio São José, a school with an attached boarding school. Living on the campus, the Brothers are always available for the small and large worries of the children, but also those of their parents.

Although we see our mission as Brothers of the Poor in caring for the poor, middle-class children attend our school. This gives us the opportunity to accept also children who otherwise would be denied a good school education due to their social status. We are convinced that education is an important form of help. Learning to act responsibly and thoughtfully towards one's next and towards creation shapes every individual and our society.

Our Brothers have been working at Colégio São José since 1934. At the request of the local parish, Brother Tarcísio and Brother Câncio, two brothers from Germany, came to Porto União. They were the first confreres to go to Brazil.

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