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The social work of franzfreunde

Franzfreunde is one of the most important providers of assistance to the homeless in Düsseldorf, with facilities throughout the city. Together with the clients, new life perspectives are developed and those in need of help are accompanied on their way back to a stable life. At the campus at Rather Broich in Düsseldorf, franzfreunde also operates a nursing home for senior citizens. With the separate "Villa" residential area, there is also an offer for homeless people in need of care.

franzfreunde - helping since 1857

In the middle of 2017, a caesura announces itself: Our religious community of the Poor Brothers of St. Francis announces its withdrawal from the social work. The reason for this is that after 160 years, the religious community no longer has young brothers who could continue the work of the Social Work. Therefore, the decision is made to secure the work for the future by establishing a foundation. The long-lasting work of the brothers becomes a promise of eternity for the services and facilities. As of October 2019, the Franziskanische Stiftung Johannes Höver will act as the sponsor of all the work. Franziskanische Sozialwerke Düsseldorf gemeinnützige GmbH will ensure the ongoing operation of all facilities. The withdrawal of the order makes a renaming necessary at the same time. Since fall 2017, our social work has therefore presented itself under the name franzfreunde. "franz" stands for the close connection to the Franciscan thought and Christian values, "freunde" for the kind of help: to allow human closeness, so that trust can grow in a franciscan and very personal sense, which is the basis for professional social work and nursing expertise. This is how Johannes Höver's claim is to be filled with life.

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