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Brothers in Brazil - very close to the poverty of the people. Brother Vitor and Brother Milton, for example. The Lar Monsenhor Filippo where they live is in the midst of very simple, even poor houses. The families have many problems. Lack of work, drugs, the most difficult family circumstances determine everyday life. The service of the Brothers and collaborators is aimed at social protection through the exercise of rights and improvement of the quality of life. Therefore, issues of conflicts are discussed, tactics to prevent the collapse of the family and its ties are considered. For this purpose, the families receive individual attention, home visits. The friars point the way to public and private social work agencies. In the day care center, self-esteem is strengthened and the development of talents and skills is made possible.

The work in southern Brazil is quite different. In 2014, Brothers Levy and Romão arrived in the Conceição de Muqui neighborhood of the town of Mimoso do Sul, Espírito Santo state. The house was not very welcoming. The population was somehow neglected. The district is very remote, there were no paved roads, no treated water, and even a lack of electricity. The first pastoral challenge was to strengthen the unity of the people. Brother Romão and Brother Levy visited all the families of the parish during the first two years, always with the aim of unity and strengthening. Thanks to this awareness work, the district later achieved the asphalting of the road to the city and also the allocation of a doctor. In the municipality, the grassroots communities were revitalized through pastoral organization. Today, there is an effort to strengthen the economy of the district through the cultivation of coffee and to improve the production and quality of coffee. Very important for Brazilians: events and celebrations such as the "Bijú" festival. All this is an initiative of the Christians in the parish. Since the establishment of the parish, the district has grown in every way.

In addition to the Colégio São José in Porto União-SC, the Brothers maintain a day care center in Pindamonhangaba and other institutions in the state of Sao Paulo. Again and again they are in contact with young men who are searching and considering joining the brotherhood.

Many people live in poverty.
Brother Acacio lights altar candles.
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